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Opena International works to catalyse a transition to a mindful post-capitalist society. There are today many good projects that are aimed at providing humans their basic needs by using modern and traditional methods. Unfortunately, many of these projects are not coherently connected and presented in one local database for quick access by change-agents who are new in their engagement or to these tools for this transition. Our aim is to explore, map, test and develop tools that we believe can provide help for change agents who want to transition to a mindful and post-capitalistic society. This wiki was recently created to provide an open-data format of our work-in progress.

Open Source Circular Economy and Resource Based Economy Technology


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  • 2015 Open Nation Model - An attempt to theoretically and conceptually summarise a holistic integrated model of a hybrid community where citizens within the community can follow mindful post-capitalistic living and at the same time collaborate as a whole and as individuals with the old capitalist society.
  • 2015 Developers Guide - Helps change-agents cover more extensive requirements of their development projects to make the project more integrate-able with a large scale societal-transition. Provides existing minimum-requirements, standards and tips for your new and ongoing development.

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Opena International is divided into three working groups which all includes the thought of sustainable, healthy and mindful living. They are all based on the belief that an ultimately sustainable society is that which is self-sustainable in resources, and where inner change and development predates outed development. By providing beings with their basic human rights independently of the world'economy, people become free to interact with others peoples from pure will and interest, instead of that of need, desire and ultimately that of fear.

Our three guiding stars are 1. A belief that modern technology should be free if it can be used to guarantee each and every person its basic rights such as housing, food, water, health, education and transportation.

2. A belief that the development of presence, non-conceptual and complex thinking constitutes a foundation to a wider moral capacity, which in turn is necessary for an independent society's development and stability. These arts should therefore be freely developed and be available for any one to practice without charge, independently of the person's maturity, education or way of living.

3. A belief that the balance between the moral and technological achievements constitutes the foundation to a sustainable society and is thus more important than the individual parts and should thus be put forth to the front line in all development and planning.

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Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.