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An Open Nation

Opena International

Our Mission

Opena International is an organisation that works to catalyse a transition to a mindful post-capitalist society. Our aim is to explore, map, review, test and develop solutions that we believe can help change agents who want to transition to a mindful and post-capitalistic society.


Opena International review, test and develops:

  1. Inner Change resources to help us Be the change
  2. Leadership and Management resources to help us Lead the Change
  3. Open-source blueprints so we can Build the change'
  4. Requirements and models for a sharing grid so we can Connect and share


An older articulation of our mission

Our three guiding stars are 1. A belief that modern technology should be free if it can be used to guarantee each and every person its basic rights such as housing, food, water, health, education and transportation.

2. A belief that the development of presence, non-conceptual and complex thinking constitutes a foundation to a wider moral capacity, which in turn is necessary for an independent society's development and stability. These arts should therefore be freely developed and be available for any one to practice without charge, independently of the person's maturity, education or way of living.

3. A belief that the balance between the moral and technological achievements constitutes the foundation to a sustainable society and is thus more important than the individual parts and should thus be put forth to the front line in all development and planning.

An older articulation of our Goal

Outer Transition

  • Collect and distribute management resources/templates
  • Collect and distribute open-source blueprints
  • See through the development of an socially just open-source circular economy grid

Inner Transition

  • Educate the general public about recent findings in modern psychology
  • Provide tools for inner development esp GRIT, altruism, well-being, mindfulness and pro-social behaviour
  • Highlight the focus on personal development as a major step for external development

The Sharing Grid

  • A networked ethical commons-based circular-economy