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About Opena International

Things to manage

Yearly meetings and associated tasks (preamble; describe current processes, values and intentions; board) Board Meetings (programme management, funding, volunteers, webpage, reporting) Projects Supporting Tasks (finance, webpage, volunteers)

Standardisation for wikinames

Name of team/organisation/goal Location if applicable Function of the Page: -log -management --strategy

Strategy,2015, Autumn

We are right now working on our teams-flag ship external product ID#1:2015:1. This is GRIT in the Product Development and Project Management.

We need to build the capacity of: 1. Strategic Leadership (board meetings included), 2. Invite to participation (Event Management and Marketing), Fundraising (portfolio, major grants, ompanies, private people, funds, public sector), Social Entrepreneurship (intrinsic capacity, participant capacity, sharing), Administration/Scheduling/meetings, Accounting and budgeting and Cash-flow, And lastly Event planning & Marketing. Also 4bl sustainability (social, environmental, economical, mindfulness)

Products, 2015, Autumn

-Geodesic dome -IT-Infrastructure: Frontpage+wiki+interpersonal documents and communication tools -Weekly meditation

-Support Bi-yearly publication -Open source assessment tools --Academic Quality assessment --Open source development assessment (maybe) --Mindfulness assessment (maybe) -Most important/Front page content: why, definitions, alternatives

Assessment tools for us

Mindfulness Product Project Grit Invite to build a common story: Event and Marketing

Project Programmes

Socially Just Money Free Circular Economy

Open Data, Open Hardware for tracking and reporting, Local and Global for efficiency and resilience.

LCA - Life Cycle Management

Values: Social justice, Circular economy, open data; diversity and individual freedom of choice Risks: Complexity risk that some have more resource flows and better resource processing Risk mitigation: Function of LCA:

  • Track resources (what, where, direction (maybe: where too, from), who, speed)
  • Process resources (includes information and awareness)
    • Construct
    • Recycle/Dismantle/De-construct
    • Refurbish
  • Allocate Resources
    • Why: Enable RBD
    • Whom: Allocate it to local and global demands while taking ethical considerations into mind.
    • Values: Social justice & freedom of choice
    • How: ID-Tags with Responsible for some distinguishable resources, such as process resources
  • Transport Resources
  • Store Resources



  • Transcendence
  • Growth
  • Relatedness
  • Being
  • Altruism

Methods and Characteristics

  • Pro-social behaviour
  • Self-inquiry
  • GRIT

Method and Outcome:

  • Well-being
  • Responsibility (social, environmental, local, global, now, past-future)
  • Presence
  • Self-actualization
  • Transcendence

Project Methodology

  • Research
    • Literature review, case-studies, experiments and interventions for example
    • Action research
    • Research Methodology review
    • Topics: Review and investigate "Values-> Proposed and used Solutions and methods to come to solutions (technical, processes, methods AND relation to values)"
  • Practition
  • Collaboration (intersectoral collaboration)
    • Collaboration Methodology review
  • Being and self-inquiry
    • Experiment to test effect of various forms of presence and self-inquiry with focus on altruism, inner peace and realization

Collaboration and Connection and Cobeing

Inter-organizational, intersectoral and international collaboration, and beyond. Multi-stakeholder as well...

  • Inter/Trans-organizational collaboration
  • Intersectoral collaboration (E.g. U.Lab)
  • International collaboration

Integrated: Being, emotional and intellectual connection to one another.

  • Network perspective (Multilayer, Social Network)
    • Multi Layer
      • 1 Awareness
      • 2 Communication
      • 3 Collaboration
      • n/a CoBeing
    • Edge Creation
    • Analysis tools
      • Gephi