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Wanted Tools and Templates

A database where the What, How, How of How, and why can be recorded GUI-wise for the columns as proposed by J. I furthermore want the ability to have fields for their actual results, and info about those results, and quality of that results, and other qualities. I further believe that it would be possible to use the 6 & Bellamy to add some columns after the data: creation, collection, coding, organisation and analysis. (don't ask me why he doesnt have a result part, how you present result, and what you present, matters as well). Anyway: the analysis and result part may not follow this perhaps, but the analaysis and result part must be exploded to actual variables, when possible, and actual figures and numbers, when possible (at least result such as: what was the variable, how big sample, what was the statistical significance, type of relationship to other variables) etc. The variables part is the most important. For example, does 5 reports say that a certain environment gives higher morale, and 2 doesn't? Then you can dig deeper into why, just coincidence or other differences that may explain it.

Also, having it in a database gives possibility to use deep analysis later on.

  • Software
  • Qualitative(why, how, etc) and Quantitative (variables) Assessment Templates