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Definition from wikipedia

An intentional community is a planned residential community designed from the start to have a high degree of social cohesion and teamwork. The members of an intentional community typically hold a common social, political, religious, or spiritual vision and often follow an alternative lifestyle. They typically share responsibilities and resources. Intentional communities include collective households, cohousing communities, ecovillages, communes, survivalist retreats, kibbutzim, ashrams, and housing cooperatives. New members of an intentional community are generally selected by the community's existing membership, rather than by real-estate agents or land owners (if the land is not owned collectively by the community). Source: Wikipedia: Intentional community

Joining an intentional community

Presence Based Intentional Communities


  • new earth project is a up-and-coming portal for mindful sustainable communities. You can join or register an intentional community on their web-page here.
  • NuMundo is a network of ecovillages, intentional communities, permaculture farms, social projects and retreat centers.

Individual Communities

Enlightened Communities is a website that just after an Eckhart Tolle Retreat in Norway 2015 went online. The website is intended to be "a resource for people to share ideas and collaborate. We hope this will make it possible for people to connect and form communities!" There also is an associated facebook group for people who which to manifest a physical local community in the Spain/Portugal region.

Presence Based Post-capitalistic Communities

Toolboxes for developing and building presence-based post-capitalistic intentional communities

Open Source Ecology (OSE) is an organization that works to create a new earth by providing free open-source blueprints for how to manufacture all the physical equipment you need to physically build your community. Their wiki page and their formal web-page can be a bit hard to navigate, but contains many promising, as well as completed, projects.

Open Nation Model

Opena International: A Presence Based think-tank with current focus on inner and outer transformation to a presence-based post-capitalistic society.


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