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2015 Andreas Journal [Taiga]

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Small Enter the principles of U Communities with Michael Tellinger Maybe something about U.LAB as well, and some books such as Leading from the emergent future in the "Visionary Tales and Background Story Literature" section of "Literature Reviews"

I think I need to have a very simple repository, Basic Needs, Societal Needs, and maybe one Future Needs pages. Although I think it is good to have resources based on user. Resources for community builders. Resources for postcapitalist technology developers. And resources for residents. And resources for political and governmental stakeholders.


  • Incorporate this in my perspective (used to be knowledge).

I don't believe in this, but watch it anyway to get an idea about it Remember the master document

Links that are not elsewhere

2015 Debating Arguments, 2015 Resources Education, 2015 Andreas Journal

Potential partners

  • Valhalla, OSE, New Earth, Enlightened communities, e.t.

they are all quite similar and provide good points of views, some additional are

    • The girl from the Venus project (not seemingly are not focused on mindfulness at all though, but the social justice is there... what to go after?)
    • Siris? need any help? dunno about that

2017, March 7, Tuesday

Cheat sheets. Plastic RBE with Adam. Learnt about welding. New research about Metformin and Resveratrol. High vs low levels of an protein called carbonic anhydrase.

2017, Feb 23, Thursday

Created Open Your Nation. Vision and goals. Created Case 2017. Två grundhemsidor (hemsida+wiki).

2015, Nov 12, Sunday

Main Page

2015, Nov 9-12, Sunday

  1. The Grid, Paper 2
  2. The Grid, Paper 1
  3. The Grid, Spreadsheet Backlog

2015, Nov 8, Sunday

Mejlat Mona på IVL för att fråga om kategorier för resursflöden [1] Hon vidarebefodrade till Tomas Rydberg den 9:e November. Inväntar svar.

2015 Nov 04, Wednesday

2015 Online Repository November Report Iteration 1

2015 Oct 27, Saturday

-connect to deeper self -values, being, perspective -connect -discuss, understand, decide -project management, (strategy, impact and risk analysis) and GTD --potential participation co-creation --stakeholder involvement in releases -bug control --internal tickets and bug control internal quality, bug and version control --external bug control

Priorities Self-Mastery Integrated Project Management 2015 Action Research 2015 October Report - Towards November

2015 Oct 22, Saturday

Group Meditation. Mail to Matt Rutherford at Enlightened communities. Consultation Checklist Integrated Project Management 2015 Action Research 2015 October Report - Towards November

2015 Oct 17, Saturday

2015 Online Repository Open Nation Model

2015 Oct 15

Action Research: Ghana Gurt Ghana Gurt Budget Mailed the African guy to ask prices including shiping for 4 machines to make 1000 liter's of soymilk a day. Met with Cristina today. Met with Clement today. Generally: 4 action research projects, with participative diaries, and writing down current main learnings, also ask other participants of their main learnings.

2015 Oct 14

2015 Opena Report, 2015 Opena Management, 2015 Literature Review, [2015 Opena Management - Organizational Documents - Templates]

2015 Sep 10 Oct

2015 Literature Review, Main Page-nice story, 2015 Andreas Journal I think I need to have a very simple repository, Basic Needs, Societal Needs, and maybe one Future Needs pages.

2015 Sep 9 Oct

2015 Literature Review, Main Page

2015 Sep 8 Oct

2015 Debating Arguments, 2015 Resource Education

Old Documents: Comprehensive Handbook, non-linear Strategy,the Open Nation Model, Intentional Communities Contacted Contacted enlightened communities -portugal/span

2015 Sep 5 Oct


Including: New philosophy of knowledge, ah, just everything, takes an hour to even start describe what I did today.

2015 Sep 4 Oct

Main Page 2015 Opena Report 2015 Open Nation Model 2015 Online Repository 2015 Opena Management Internship 2015 Action Research 2015 Andreas Journal - Journal with Self-improvement & Mindfulness Mailed Tesla through their web-page. Asked if someone knows how to fix wiki-images. Put restricted access to core-pages: they are open not editable.

idea kanske skall använda mig av de tre ursprungliga grupperna i drupal. De påminner om mind, body och spiritualitet, fast med andra ord och med mer än bara människan. Skrev iden på en blå lapp.

2015 Sep 3 Oct

2015 Research Themes

2015 Sep 2 Oct

2015 Online Repository, and all other wiki-pages and online-documents. Strategy and how it relates to reporting structure 8 October Report

2015 Sep 29

Main Page, 2015 Literature Review 2015 Online Repository-management resources, 2015 Opena Management-schedule,scrum,kanban & ticket

2015 Sep 28

2015 Master Document Research Topics Audience and partners. OSE as partner for being attuned to commons-based R&D organizations needs? Other partners.

2015 Sep 27

2015 Literature Review

2015 Sep 25

Collapse the clouds, maybe into internal, external, and management, maybe also governance, or perhaps all of the areas mentioned before...

2015 Master Document

2015 Standardization for Complexity for Mindful Post-Capitalism

2015 Online Repository

2015 Sep 24

Promise of L being B if I 20k after tx, with prms off 30k after tax. <3 . Work hard, be, and accept what is, then wht u wnt wll b yrs.

2015 Online Repository Glocal Node Image: Local resource flow circles within each node for each necessary resource to be and grow - Together with connection to a global network of nodes. Values->Audience+Topics->dialogues and listen->research test -> products and recomendations

2015 Sep 22

2015 Opena Tickets, Intentional Communities, 2015 Online Repository Opena Identity. How it is presented on webpages from central doc. Including colors. Utgå from master doc.

2015 Sep 21

Intentional Communities



2015 Sep 7

Open Nation Master Doc

2015 Sep 6

Open Nation Report 2015, Opena Lund Management

2015 Sep 5

Open Nation Report 2015, Opena Lund Management

2015 Sep 3, 2015

Added LCA and project programme to Opena Lund Management Also added project methodology.

2015 Sep 1, 2015

Opena Lund Management Hearth the fire to melt the stone, time and constant heat, til dirt and shape looks the same.

2015 Aug 31 In stillness is where all emotions lay