2015 Opena Report

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November's Report

November's articles

  • Simple tools, templates and techniques for project management, communication and decision-making

Earlier Drafts

Purpose and Sections

November's draft

Project Management Communication Inter-organizational collaboration Post-capitalistic infrastructure Resource-allocation

October's draft

The report is supposed to inspire and update individuals to improve how they enact the change they feel within by providing inspiring stories and task-oriented updates about resources and organizations within the mindfulness and post-capitalist intentional community movement.


  • Latest Stories and Learnings from existing Intentional Communities
  • Updates from the on-line repository
  • Updates from the science of psychology behind mindful post-capitalism
    • With a focus on presence, motivation, grit, altruism and well-being
  • Updates about The Open Nation Model
  • Updates of the why and how of the report
  • A multi-stakeholder perspective of mindful postcapitalism


Value Issue/Opportunity Current Situation For whom Recommendation Explanation
Dating page for volunteers and organisations To enable self-organization with low threshold of implementation it is recommended that a webpage is created where 1) various organizations working for postcapitalist and swarm values can post information about themselves on a profile page, 2) organizations and private beings can publish projects and volunteer-position ads; 3) where volunteers can make a profile page and apply for volunteer positions and visit the organizations webpages. A similar page can be found in swedish, which does the same thing for the movie production community: https://www.filmcafe.se/. OTHER: It may be recomended to have 2 types of adds and volunteers. The first type would be volunteers that want to create the project/event. And the other part of volunteers are volunteers that want to be part only of the actual event. These should also be the two types of lists that organisations can post to and individual can reply to: 1) Volunteer positions, and 2) Events.
R&D Organizations and personell for Health Make all R&D in Health research in biomedecin and bio-technology and similar fields available through open-data principles and commons-based licences.