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The naming and descriptions of teams and processes are in effect descriptive as much as prescriptive. It\s about finding best fit, as opposed to deffinition, of what we do in each naturlly emergent team.

Team of Teams

Operational and Strategic Teams

Strategy Team

Communications Team

  • Prepare presentations for collaborators and

Social Programmes Team

  • Theory
    • The Open Nation Model
    • Blueprints reviewing and recommendation
    • Inner change reviewing and testimony
  • Practice
    • Workshops
    • Consultation

Team of the cultivation of Organizational Resources

  • HR competencies, development and well-being
  • IT tools
  • Physical resources and facilities

Research Team

  • Background Research
  • Articles and presentation materials

Administrations Meta-Team

  • Interaction with governments and legal actors.

Overall Creed of Open Nation Embassy's working teams.

Project Teams

The Grid

Opena Value Network

Key Links

Management Kanban Boards Opena International Creed

Mission and goals

Our vision is an mindful ethical post-capitalist society, where people contribute by being themselves. This society is reached on the understanding of human psychology, environmental responsibility and a a modern and holistic approach to social justice. To reach this type of society we in Opena International believe this requires both a personal and a societal transition of perspectives,identity and methods.

Our Mission is to enable personal and societal-transition change-agents to reach their goals and succeed in their projects and personal and undertakings. We do this by providing perspective, paths and tools. This mean a common language and contemporary literature reviews of necessary competencies*, management and self-development templates and support, blueprints and inspiration, and proposing research agendas for multi-stakeholder projects.

  • ecological-societal-psychological

Our goals is that anyone who have the necessary GRIT will reach their goal of societal change.


Communication Strategy

Key Resources for our work

  1. Project Charter
  2. Activity report
  3. Kanban Board

Resource Management



  • Purpose and Function
  • Skills
    • Opena Creed
    • About Opena (history, vision, mission, etc)
    • Finance
    • Function specific skills (be prepaired to answer questions within your mandate as we certify, not brief) Examples:
      • Fundraise
      • Research Quality

General Secretary

  • Duties
    • Advocacy
    • Leadership
      • Execute the Opena Creed
    • Management Responsibility
      • Research, Communication, Resource management (hr, finance)
      • Strategy, Partnerships