2015 Action Research

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Mindful Community: Opena Lund

Building an intentional community in Sweden

  • Project charter
  • Plan: Host workshops to build a mindful intentional community in sweden, piece by piece
  • Sector: NGO
  • Starting with our Geodesic Dome
  • Funding strategy

Mindful Community: Enlightened Communities Europe

̈́Enlightened Communities .EU is aiming at starting an intentional community in Span or Portugal Will follow and engage in the enlightened community website in developing their project.

Social Entrepreneurship: Vegan Yogurt Production in Ghana

  • Project charter
  • Social Business Lean Canvas
  • Plan: Catalyse open source development of plant-based yoghurt.
  • Sector: Social Enterprise
  • Start by setting up a small 500-1000 liters/day yogurt production facility with the profit going to the development of commons-based food and education primarily.
  • Funding and Communication with Story Telling Strategy

Secondary targets:

  1. Press existing soy-milk and soy-yogurt designs to be released under commons-based licenses.
  2. Press for beneficial bacteria to be released under commons-based licences.
  3. Expand into aquaponics and other forms of commons-based food and other resource production

Mindful Post-capitalistic Think-tank

This organization.

  • Plan: Provide resources and policy recommendations for each sector and change agent for how to transition to a mindful socially just post-capitalistic society as efficiently and sustainably as possible.
  • Funding strategy: Major gifts, foundational grants, possibly consultation service and talks for a fee in certain circumstance

Consultation services for mindfulness post-capitalist change-agents

  • Community and organizational development and funding
  • Direct pathway to manifestation and being. Accelerate change with social entrepreneurship. Finance with community entrepreneurship
  • Funding strategy: Provide consultation and talks for a fee.

Topics for 2015

Main research topics are:

  1. What resources are needed that we can find that are as free and ethical as possible? How good are they?
  2. How can these projects be done mindfully?

Each project will have a participant diary where learnings and reflections will be done. Also resources will be collected which may be used by future projects and organizations.