Enabling a Collaborative Future

Our unsustainable way of living exposes humanity to great danger due to the damaging consequences that utter selfishness, unjust resource distribution, and overuse of natural resources have on society.

Opena International encourages humanity to fully blossom by leveraging technological development and new scientific discoveries.

We believe that is time to adjust the economy to how humanity and nature really work. With our work, we aim to foster and cherish personal and societal development.
Therefore, we support:

<FONT FACE=helvetica size=4>A society built around the way our minds work</font>

A society built around the way our minds work

Is man a wolf for man? Sociological and psychological studies have shown that humans tend to be altruistic, rather than selfish. There's no better joy than helping others in daily tasks, or working together on something meaningful, is there? In the end, goodwill is a stronger motivation for achieving innovation and excellence than extrinsic rewards (such as money).

<FONT FACE=helveticaneue-light size=4>a just distribution of resources, globally</font>

a just distribution of resources, globally

Today's economic system does not effectively challenge social injustice. Inequality is divisive and socially corrosive, as it is connected to pressing social problems, such as low educational levels, infant mortality, crime, high teenage birthrates, widespread distrust, obesity, mental illness, and obstacles to social mobility. Think of the expense, the human cost of that. A different form of resource distribution is possible. If we avoid an unjust distribution of wealth, we suddenly have a handle on the psychosocial well-being of societies. And that's exhilarating.

<FONT FACE=helveticaneue-light size=4>Ecologically responsible circular economy</font>

Ecologically responsible circular economy

The current 'take-make-dispose' linear economy approach led us to an emerging resource crunch. To transition to a circular economy is the only way for our society to survive, and thereby the only way for us to prosper. There is a world of opportunity to re-design the way our economy works and we consume. In our economy lies an enormous potential waiting to be unlocked.


<FONT FACE=helvetica size=5 color=#323232>Be the change</font>

Be the change

At Opena International we believe that personal growth is essential for the development of societies. How to find one's purpose? How to manage stress, how to slow down? How to break a bad habit? More, we are dedicated in finding out how to design a society after how human works, instead of designing human after how our economy work.
That's why Opena researches and develops useful tools to promote mindfulness, and makes them available for any one to practice without charge, independently of the person's maturity, education, or way of living. Change starts from within!

<FONT FACE=helvetica size=5 color=#323232>Lead the change</font>

Lead the change

Act out your core values and find a supporting friend or two who are willing to get their hands dirty to change the planet we all inhabit. What does it take to forge a new path? How can individuals make important changes? First, by inspiring others. Modelling the values you want to see in your dream society will affect others to see things that seem to defy all of the outdated assumptions. Opena International helps individuals to identify their leadership style, and to access the resources that best suit their needs. Opena shares project management tools for simple human centric project management.

<FONT FACE=helvetica size=5 color=#323232>Build the change</font>

Build the change

We believe that modern technology should be free when it is needed to guarantee people's basic rights, such as housing, access to water and food, health, education, and transportation. Opena International provides open-source blueprints and is committed in researching the best open-source technology needed to promote the transition to a circular economy.

<FONT FACE=helvetica size=5 color=#323232>Leverage Your Impact Globally</font>

Leverage Your Impact Globally

Opena International believes that a sustainable global economy benefits from humanity’s interdependence. That's why we support the development of the Sharing Economy Grid, an open, joint platform where people from all over the world can discuss tools and models, and share local experiences. The purpose of this grid is to connect all open-source projects and products, so that a commons-based infrastructure can take form and support the growth of a commons based, post-scarcity society. Read more about the smart-grid on our Wiki.


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  • Founded as a hub for inspired individuals with a shared, common dream of a mindful, ethical and sustainable future, Opena International has since grown to become an engaged community characterized by a forward-looking approach oriented to build a better society for all.
    With an approach based on the prerequisite of social justice, our projects focus on supporting individual and societal development through scientific and technological development, and making it available for everyone.
    The team consists of like-minded enthusiasts bonded through an unanimous interest in building a brighter future.
    At Opena International, we believe that the outer reality is a reflection of our inner world, and that the cultivation of societal moral and responsibility and moral capacity more important for a just society the more advanced technological power gets.

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